Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thomas G Crapper and the Jam Sessions

The Leinster Arms jam sessions, possibly one of Australia's finest gathering of amateur jazz talents, but probably not, bring to mind the lifetime achievements of Thomas G Crapper. Thomas G Crapper, was, as many would know, the inventor of the modern flushing toilet. We are all deeply indebted (particularly when you think the alternative). Sadly, Thomas, flushed with success ,(sorry about that) did not possess the good sense to quit whilst he was ahead.

He went on and invented the toilet seat! And men have been copping it from women ever since. Idiot Crapper!

Jam sessions can be like that: an indifferent tune, played indifferently is often, in the minds of its exponents, best exhumed by the big BIG BIG ending, where everyone endeavours to play as many notes as possible, in the hope that they can get to play the last note of all.

Big deal! -  it generally sounds like crap. The audience does not just clap when  you stop - they are clapping because you stopped.   Just like Thomas G should have done, why not quit whilst you are ahead?

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