Thursday, August 4, 2011

Jazz v Blues, Corporate Gigs and 27

Jazz v Blues

I read the other day that the difference between jazz musicians and blues is that blues musicians play three chords in front of thousands of people, whilst jazz musicians play thousands of chords in front of three people.

Three people! Jazz audiences must be getting bigger....

Corporate gigs

I keep getting asked to do corporate gigs. (Well, if you count once in a blue moon as keep getting asked). I have always liked corporate gigs because they pay well, but I have never been quite sure what "corporate" means. Body or something, I guess. Whatever, these are gigs attended by people with cloth ears and high disposable income. They have the high disposable income because someone else is paying for it. I don't know where they get the cloth ears from, but I am not complaining.


All that stuff about musicians dropping off the perch at 27.  I can't help feeling that it is not the music that kills them, but the management. Amy Winehouse is going to be a very profitable industry judging by the record sales. She was a real person before she became a pop icon with a habit. Thankfully, most jazz musicians do an absolutely marvellous job in avoiding the pitfalls of making too much money.

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