Friday, January 14, 2011

The Jam Session Review that wasn't...

The Leinster Arms Jam Session Review

There wasn’t a jam session last week, and it wasn’t at the Leinster Arms, as is so often the case, or not as the case may be – so here is the review. No one turned up, no one played a bum note, and all the singers were note and word perfect, young, talented and glamorous. There were free drinks at bar prices as usual.

The Saxaphones: Ah, the saxaphones – did they notice there wasn’t a jam session? Of course not -being saxaphone players, they didn’t turn up, but would have stood at the front and played too many choruses if they had the chance. And let’s face it, if you had the chance , you wouldn’t have been a saxaphone player in the first place.

The pianists: They turned up alright, but in a parallel universe. If you are not good,children, they might come back.

The brass section: all brass players were warmly invited – which is about all they need, usually.

The drummers: What? What??? Whatawhatawhatawhat??!?? Oh never mind, I’ll have a beer thanks…

The bass players. What is the point of turning up anyway. Always stuck at the back. Could have turned up, but who would have noticed? They only notice when the bass player is not there…

The singers: just before the jam session we didn’t have was about to not finish, three singers turned up,…. no-one listening to meeee!  …so they all flounced out, sulking, never going to sing again unless asked really nicely… well, nicely would do… well damn well ask willya…well I might just get up and sing anyway…

The guitarists: of course they turned up – to 11

Remember to take your medication, or some-else’s if that works better for you, stick to the black notes, they’re cheaper, and turn up at the jam next Sunday – see ya there!

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