Monday, April 4, 2011

On Neitzsche, numbers and the jam session du jour (that's Sunday to you)

The venerable Friedrich , philosopher and misogynist (*), held the opinion that numbers do not exist. There cannot be two of anything as each thing is unique. It is a little known fact that old FN was keen on the drums as a young man, and once played in  the infamous Oscar Beetroot band that contributed almost nothing to the rise of subversive cabaret in pre war Berlin.  There can be many reasons why this fact is little known, not least of which is that it is entirely untrue. But I digress.

Numbers, yes, Hortense. All different, as they should be. And a fair few of them got trotted out on Sunday arvo at the Leinster Arms, watering hole of the impoverished and nondescript (amongst others.).  Summertime, Autumn Leaves, Sugar, The Old Country, (solo by Col, reprise by Lisbeth), Night and Day (Marieke). Keef on saxinet and/or clariphone,  Uncle Jack turning up late and blowing a few bent notes (as you have to on a trombone) Michelle (p) and Rachel (v) romping through the song book (Route 66, Stand By Me and a few others)  Deb bouncing about in fine form, and Glen eventually getting up to bossa and bop on his new drum set. There was dancing, needless gossip, rumours and red wine, (and Maria who didn't sing whilst I was there) . And don't mention the bass player, Frank, whoops I just did. Well, he was in fine form, as ever.

Next Sunday, we are all going to finish in time to go to Paris Cat to hear Bob Sedergreen's singers class perform. If you haven't been before, this can be a lot of fun, as everyone drags out their maiden aunts, friends surplus to requirements, husbands, wives and pets, complete bluddy strangers and that weird waiter from the Indian takeaway  taxi rank that you picked up last Tuesday. A polyglot crowd to listen to some polyglot singers.

All different

Nietzsche would have approved.

     (*)    " Woman was God's second mistake."   Friedrich Nietzsche 

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